Snutz 2-BG9角斗士术士竞技场3v3 2900+

In season 7 I made a movie and people seemed to like it even though the editing was awful.

I can assure you it won""t be the same this time.

The footage was frapsed during the first week of s8 against some very good players.

My team ""chicken nuggets"" is currently ranked 2nd on BG9 with an MMR of 2950. I am currently playing with Reckful and Toez whom you""ll see throughout the movie.


Be sure to check out my full length instructional videos on where I break down all my games in tutorials. They will be launching later this month!
  • 发布: Snutz
  • 来源: youku
  • 更新日期: 2010/2/26