Zibba 3

world of warcraft used to be something I enjoyed(魔獸世界曾經是我最喜歡的遊戲)
and it still may be fun to some players,(相信至今仍有不少玩家樂此不疲)
but for the others like myself..(但是,對於像我這樣的...)
it became a job and sapped every bit of fun from playing(它漸漸變的像一項工作且慢慢侵蝕了每一點遊戲的樂趣)
so, if you come to share these feelings...(如果,你能體會這樣的心情)
just remember the good times(請回憶那些美好的時光)
friendship is everything(友誼就是一切)
through the thick and thin...(不管是厚還是薄)
just be yourself and enjoy it(做你自己,並享受一切)
but when the time comes,(但是,有需要時)
you gotta kick some ass too...(你也要很很的踢別人的PP)
and it"s ok to make mistakes...(犯錯不是問題)
because it"s righteous when you win(只要勝利了就是正義的)
you"ll enjoy the adventure(你可以享受冒險)
...i know i did(..我知道我已經做到了)
i"ll never forget it...(我永遠不會忘記)
and i"ll never forget you(正如我永遠不會忘記你們)
thank you csm and wow(感謝CSM和WOW)
a tout le monde(to all the world)(給全世界)
a tout les amis(to all my friends)(給我所有的朋友)
je vous aime(i love you all)(我愛你們)
je dois partir(but i must leave)(但我必須走了......) 
  • 发布: Zibba
  • 来源: youku
  • 更新日期: 2009/6/26